B-Movie Beauty

When I opened my nail salon, Nailed It, I was trying to decide which product lines to carry for our services and retail lines. I had done a lot of research into what made a product good for your skin, and what ingredients were harmful. I was really dismayed to learn that most products that were affordable had "bad" ingredients, and most of the product lines that were good for you, were unaffordable.

Well that situation just wasn’t going to work for me.

I had already advertised my services as being safe and affordable, because I firmly believed you shouldn’t have to sacrifice even a tiny little bit of your well-being to get a nice manicure at a decent price. So I dove headfirst into more research about what was needed for making skincare products.

For the first year or so, my appointment book was less than half full, so I had plenty of time to make the soaks, scrubs, and lotions we used in the salon, but then we exploded. Word got out that we could give you a manicure that didn’t leave you bleeding, or drain your wallet, and the next thing I knew, my schedule was completely full for three to four weeks at a time.

I had to compromise, I found a small batch wholesaler, which made products to my standards, so I could devote all of my time to nail services. We went on like that for many, many years, until I got arthritis in my hands and had to reduce the number of services I could do in a week. All of a sudden, I had extra time on my hands, and so I dove back in to making my own supplies again.

I didn’t stop there though; I offered my services to other small businesses in the area so they could carry their own amazing soaps and lotions. I didn’t see any reason why small shops like my own, couldn’t have their own “boutique” brands. And that’s how B-Movie Beauty was born.

I never intended to put my products online, but I also never thought I’d live in a time when the world shut down because of a virus either. People needed a way to get the products they had become addicted to, without having to come into the salon. I figured that since B-Movie Beauty was an extension of my desire to make things, it could piggyback on Sketchyville’s store.

I don’t know if these products will live here forever, but for now, during these strange and weird times, they’re socially isolating in Sketchyville.

Give them a try; I think you’ll like them!