About Us

Sketchyville was born out of quarantine lockdown boredom mixed with 100 proof vodka and thickened with a dash of insanity...

Once upon a time, three nail techs found themselves temporarily unemployed because of a nasty little virus that had a penchant for drowning people in their own sputum. These nail techs all shared a common trait, "General Anxiety Disorder," which made them a little crazy when they had too much time on their hands to sit and think. To keep from losing what little sanity each of them had left, they began to obsessively craft/hobby during those dark days. Using only the glow from the dumpster fire of 2020, one began to paint mandalas in a fruitless search for inner peace, one painted game miniatures hoping the eye strain would blind her so she no longer had to see the dystopian wasteland the world had become, and one crafted an abandoned dollhouse to symbolize her hopes and dreams.

One night, after several rounds of quarantine cocktails during a socially distanced Zoom meet up, one of the insane nail techs decided to splurge her entire tax return on a laser cutter/engraver. When she sobered up the next day, a desperate scramble to justify the expense began, and Sketchyville was born.

Ultimately, we hope to bring you craft kits to enjoy, how-to videos, and projects that anyone can do. Yes, even you! Probably even after several cocktails... Depends on how strong you're mixing them. What proof are you using? Ok, you might want switch to water for an hour or so before you jump in...

Our humor is dark (black). We might swear a little (a lot). We never drank this much vodka before covid (LIES). However, in a world where the headlines sound like satire, if we can't keep you sane, at least we can go crazy together!

Welcome to Sketchyville!

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